Silent Sentinel - Town/City public space surveillance cameras

Town/City public space surveillance cameras

Surveillance for towns and cities, and public space, covers a wide range of requirements from people and asset surveillance to protection, law enforcement and intelligence generation for effective, rapid response by emergency services.

Town and city centres present one of the fastest flowing, diverse and unpredictable security environments, through which hundreds of thousands of people may pass through every day.

Silent Sentinel cameras are deployed with specific vision, motion and control capabilities in public spaces and city centres to protect the wellbeing of local businesses, residents and visitors.

Silent Sentinel is experienced working with multiple public space stakeholders all of whom have different needs.

We have active and ongoing relationships with specialist public space security specialists, civic officials, law enforcement bodies and emergency services, and systems integrators, which contributes both to our camera solution designs for public space use and to our ability to support public space security projects.


Town/City Surveillance