Silent Sentinel - Strategy


A strategic, customer-focused approach to security camera development

Silent Sentinel provides more than a transactional, product-based service.

Silent Sentinel's devlopment and sales strategy involves working closely with the market to understand the most common, and the emerging, needs of end users, integrators and CCTV companies.

Our strategic approach to camera product and solutions development enables us to stay ahead of the technology curve with continuous R&D, rigorous testing and close customer laison in trials and assessment of equipment in the field.

We are proud of our record for innovation in terms of the performance, flexibility and value for money of our products and solutions.

The Silent Sentinel ranges of standard security cameras provide the customer with a vast range of performance options, for range, installation, image type, systems integration and complementary payload capability.

Our work as a bespoke camera development partner is recognised in many countries around the world, where we help meet the challenges of climate, speed, accuracy and usability.