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Technology partners

Silent Sentinel thermal imaging technology partner: DRS Technologies

Silent Sentinel's approach to R&D, product development and manufacture is market-led. There are increasing demands for improved performance (range, clarity, integrated technologies) and of course there are price/performance demands.

One of Silent Sentinel's USP's is electronics and software integration that facilitates control of multiple cameras and lenses from many manufacturers to suit performance requirements, improve operator experience and ensure the right outcomes.

Whether video or thermal, Silent Sentinel systemises technologies in a simple to install platform capable of accommodating different cameras sizes.

Silent Sentinel is pleased to partner with DRS Technologies whose thermal cores are used in many cameras in the Silent Sentinel range. The fastest growing camera demands are for thermal+video capability, and multi-purpose thermal detection.

DRS Technologies' heritage is in products supply to the US military, which are not exported out the US.

Silent Sentinel recognised the opportunity to develop and offer customers powerful new commercial camera solutions using themal technology with established credentials for high performance and reliabilibity.

Unlike conventional video surveillance technologies, DRS thermal technology enables surveillance without ambient light or illumination. Heat detection provides images in challenging environments, including complete darkness, over water, in fog or rain, and in dark corners.

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