Silent Sentinel - Border Security surveillance cameras

Border Security surveillance cameras

Silent Sentinel security cameras are deployed in many environments - in buildings, urban, field and remote locations - to facilitate the objectives of Border and Homeland security agencies.

Thermal imaging cameras are widely used for border security. The ability of thermal cameras to detect human-sized targets many miles away makes them ideal for the requirements of border surveillance and protection.

Protecting a country's borders is vital to its national security. However, among the challenges facing governments and border security professionals is the difficulty of detecting threats and potential security breaches at long distances, in total darkness or in difficult and unpredictable weather conditions such as fog, snow or harsh sunlight.

Silent Sentinel standard, thermal imaging and radar enhanced cameras help border control professionals to meet the demands they face, at critical infrastructure sites such as airports, at country borders, and in coastal, port and maritime environments.

Silent Sentinel’s extensive range of pan and tilt (PTZ), HD, low light, thermal imaging, IR and radar security camera solutions enables security and border control professionals to monitor, detect and protect national borders.

Border Security