Silent Sentinel - Asset protection security cameras

Asset protection security cameras

Silent Sentinel provides an extensive range of security cameras to protect public and company assets in a wide range of buildings, settings and locations.

Silent Sentinel thermal imaging cameras are deployed in warehouses to protect assets from theft and damage such as fire.

The cost of both theft and fire damage can be extensive. Silent Sentinel cameras enable facilities to be monitored remotely during manned and unmanned hours. The implementation of camera systems that can detect hotspots, from heat and flame, and motion in all light conditions, allows security professionals to take effective action to prevent loss and harm to people and assets.

Warehouses provide just one example of how Silent Sentinel security cameras are deployed to protect assets such as stock, goods and buildings. In other sectors, Silent Sentinel cameras are used to monitor and protect exotic, even priceless assets, such as museum exhibits, as well as working assets, such as equipment and machinery on construction sites.

Among the extreme asset protection challenges solved using Silent Sentinel security cameras is the ship-board monitoring and protection of assets being transported at sea.

Silent Sentinel’s extensive range of pan and tilt (PTZ), HD, low light, thermal imaging, IR and radar security camera solutions enables systems integrators and their customers to enjoy increased asset protection in any building type or location.

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