Silent Sentinel - Approach


Multi-faceted camera solutions based on user requirements

Silent Sentinel's approach to R&D and product development is market-led.

We continually review our customers' objectives and the desired outcomes of camera use in order to provide the reliability and sophistication of products to meet their needs.

In an age of convergence, we have seen technologies converge and also people's roles and business operations.

The same images and data are sometimes used by multiple operators, for security, health and safety, business analytics, the evaluation of customer behaviour or traffic management.

In the commercial sector, the realms of security, detection and protection are merging with the business objectives of organisations seeking brand, operational and process advantages.

In public space, government and defence applications, there is frequently a need to achieve more with less, whether it is in terms of sharing images and information collaboratively with other stakeholders, integrating with multiple systems (interoperability), or extending the range and responsiveness of camera technology.

Silent Seninel's approach to development and manufacture is therefore multi-faceted. We provide standard camera solutions capable of delivering the required performance and flexibility in complex security environments. Our camera ranges also incorporate the characteristics and added functionality required by other specialist departments and operators.

Progressive integrators and CCTV companies select Silent Sentinel cameras for their standard features and built-in advantages.

We also work closely with the security industry to develop bespoke camera solutions to meet vision and motion challenges in many industry and government sectors.