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Jaegar Cooled

Jaegar Cooled Thermal

ITAR Free Cooled Thermal Camera Range

Silent Sentinel are pleased to announce the launch of their range of MWIR cooled thermal imaging cameras. The MWIR cooled technology combines high resolution with extreme thermal sensitivity resulting in excellent images even in the most challenging weather conditions.

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Complete PTZ systems

Silent Sentinel offer professional, vandal-resistant, high speed continuous rotation PTZ cameras

The Oculus housing allows the unit to be installed in harsh and challenging environments while the Aeron PTZ provides flexibility by meeting the demand for thermal combined with video.

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Oculus & Aeron
Osiris & Jaegar

Long Range Detection

Silent Sentinel provide best-in-class long range detection systems with a range up to 20km.

With options that provide 360° coverage, radar detection out to 5000m, multiple options of thermal and HD cameras, Silent Sentinel can ensure video verification of any target at range with the Osiris and Jaegar platforms.

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Affordable Thermal Range

Silent Sentinel's extensive range of thermal imaging cameras cater for all applications.

Capture any event and protect high asset value property with the long range Osiris platform. Combined video with thermal imaging in the same device is the most common style of unit we supply.

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Thermal Imaging

Specialist Detection Platforms

Silent Sentinel meets the industry demand for Radar solutions.

The detection range of the Silent Sentinel radar systems make it a cost effective solution for protecting large areas without the need for too many cameras or other detection devices. All systems feature absolute positioning feedback, ensuring the camera will track any detected objects automatically.

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Bespoke Projects

Order of the day! Whatever you want...
how bespoke builds meet exact customer needs

XAD Communications Ltd, the technical ground breakers in very specialist applications, approached Silent Sentinel to assist them meeting a very specific need for one of their clients.

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Silent Sentinel design and develop specialist surveillance platforms. Our specialist solutions include long range detection platforms and ancillary equipment.

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Sector Expertise

It's important when selecting a partner, to choose one with experience of the security, integration and technology challenges associated with your sector. Silent Sentinel adds great value with its industry-specific camera solutions, consultancy and project support. We help public, private, commercial and government organisations achieve their objectives.


  • Pan and Tilt security cameras

    Pan and Tilt security cameras

    A pan–tilt–zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control.
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  • HD Video security cameras

    HD Video security cameras

    Anyone used to viewing programmes on HD television does not need to be told of the superior image quality over older standard definition television.
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  • Low Light security camera options

    Low Light security camera options

    To achieve useable video 24 hours per day, Silent Sentinel offers ultra-low light video modules with the ability to work down to 0.25lux in colour and 0.0025lux in monochrome.
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  • Thermal Imaging camera options

    Thermal Imaging camera options

    Thermal sensors and cameras create video images from infrared (heat) waves.
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  • IR LED security cameras

    IR LED security cameras

    Silent Sentinel offers a range of IR LED illuminators that provide illumination so that the camera produces clear images even when there is no other ambient lighting available.
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  • Radar security systems

    Radar security systems

    Radar is an object-detection system that uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects.
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Order of the day! Whatever you want... how bespoke builds meet exact customer needs

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Featured Product

Silent Sentinel design, develop, manufacture and supply industry leading products that are technologically advanced and at a competitive price. From high quality rugged systems to 360o continuous rotation PTZ platforms, we are able to deliver your requirement. The latest Silent Sentinel radar options will work on land or over water. Discover more by watching our Products video

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